Sermon Series

Church for the Rest of Us

            What if it was ok to not be ok? What if we could admit that we’ve messed up more than we’ve got it right? What if God is real, relational, and really for you? What if we were honest enough to admit we’ve all got problems…but that God can(…)

Make Room

                We all want God to move in our lives. The problem is, our lives are so full that we sometimes don’t leave room for God to work. Our lives are full of work, play, family, friends, and hobbies. It seems like there just isn’t room left for(…)

Fight Club

        At times, life is a fight. And many times, our relationships are no different. But what if we moved from fighting IN our relationships to fighting FOR our relationships. Whether it’s friendships, marriage, parenting, or dating, join us for Fight Club as we discover truth from God’s Word about how to have healthy, vibrant relationships. Feb. 2nd – Tap Out(…)